Why is #AdvoCare #Spark packaging looking smaller & fewer calories? Because it is! Here’s why:

New Spark Packets & Canister

It’s STILL 42 servings, it’s just that the scoops are smaller!

A cool message from the VP of marketing: Patrick Wright:

Click to order!

Click to order!

“At AdvoCare we always want to innovate and find ways to make our amazing products even better and easier to use. About two years ago we set out on a mission to update the Spark packaging—and most importantly, to move from pouches to stick packs.We knew that doing this would update our look and also make it easier to use (no more showing someone how to correctly fold a spark packet so it doesn’t spill when pouring.

As we started working on this stick pack conversion, we found that the stick packs were very large. In fact, they were so large that we realized it wouldn’t be an innovation but rather make spark harder to use; but, we didn’t want to just give up and move on. We wanted to find a way to make it work. As always, our science, R&D and
manufacturing teams rose t the challenge to make it work.

After a lot of trial and error, we found something.

By reducing one of the NON ACTIVE ingredients, we could literally cut the amount of powder in a spark in half. When this idea was presented, the first question asked was- “Will this in any way change the efficacy of Spark.”
The answer from the Scientific and Medical Advisory Board and our in house science team was an unequivocal ‘NO.’ In fact, removing this non active ingredient actually reduces the calories and carbohydrates significantly- without changing any of the ingredients that make a Spark a Spark.

Some have asked why that ingredient wasn’t cut in half years ago or why it was there in the first place. Great question. The answer is quite simple. When filling packets we actually needed the amount of powder in each serving to be heavier. But with new technology and the stick packs we are able to reduce it.

The end result is the same great spark, less calories, less carbs. Knowing we want the stick pack and canister formulas to be the same, we are using the same new formula in the canister. What this allowed us to do was create a custom canister just for AdvoCare and in the process we were able to create one that uses HALF the amount of plastic as the old canister-half! The scoop is also smaller than the old scoop because the amount of powder has been reduced. But the benefits and active ingredients remain the same.

This was not a decision made lightly and one that took over two years to complete. We are so excited about this and
a few other innovations we have in the pipeline. So if someone asks you if they are getting less Spark than before, the simple and easy answer is NO. It’s even better now.”

Bigger is not always better. I much prefer my iPhone to the 10 pound mobile phone from 1990.

Flavors are rolling out in the new packaging – one by one. CLICK HERE to order your favorite!


2 thoughts on “Why is #AdvoCare #Spark packaging looking smaller & fewer calories? Because it is! Here’s why:

  1. While they were add it they should have removed the Sucralose! I love the energy & focus Spark gives me but I am currently looking for an alternative with no Sucralose.

  2. “The answer is quite simple. When filling packets we actually needed the amount of powder in each serving to be heavier”

    Why? So you could increase your shipping costs? This can’t even be serious.

    “By reducing one of the NON ACTIVE ingredients, we could literally cut the amount of powder in a spark in half. ”

    Right. So why was it in there to begin with? They must really have some super smart business people sleeping on the job.

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