SwagBucks – Earn gift cards for your online engagement!

Go to Bing RewardsCollect Bing Rewards points to redeem for 500 SwagBucks!

As of July 1, 2015 – I have redeemed $750 in SwagBucks in 2015.
(View image below. Updated 6/15)

I am earning a decent paycheck through AdvoCare, and it certainly supports our own AdvoCare purchases… but as a married mom of three, working hard to roll my debt-snowball, I had to share what I’ve learned about Swagbucks (since December 1, 2014). 

What is Swagbucks?

This online rewards destination enables users to earn a virtual currency called Swag Bucks by performing a variety of online activities, including searching, shopping, taking surveys, playing games, and discovering online content, and then to redeem those Swag Bucks for retail gift cards, PayPal cash, or other rewards.

What can I win?

There are many reward options, including Amazon, Target and others.
Right now, I prefer Paypal because I have their debit card and can use it anywhere. I average a $25 Paypal each week. (2500SB=$25 Paypal).
I try to redeem 2500 by Wednesday morning each week, that way I receive the funds on Friday morning.

NEWS: Beginning March 2nd, discounted gift cards… 2200SB for $25…etc. (BLOG)

I have not spent a dime of my own money to get achieve these results. It was all free. It will take some practice, but soon you’ll discover all the opportunities.

First things first, LIKE SwagBucks on Facebook. This community is very vocal and you will learn the tricks of the trade. Look for “Posts to Page” on left column for clues from other “Swaggernauts.”

Where can I earn free SwagBucks?

  • 2/11/15 – I JUST DISCOVERED THESE: More mobile Apps where you can earn SwagBucks!
  • ForiOS
    • Swagbucks Mobile
    • SBTV Mobile – Earn up to 36 SB per day (I knew about these top two… the rest are NEW to me!)
    • EntertaiNOW – Earn up to 18 SB per day
    • Lifestylz.tv – Earn up to 18 SB per day
    • Sportly.tv – Earn up to 18 SB per day
    • Moviecli.ps (COMING SOON)
    • IndyMusic.tv (COMING SOON)
  • For Android
  • To Do List

    For example, install the SB extension on your preferred browser and that SwagButton will be checked off for you. The other three are up to you.
    This is wear I begin each morning.

  • Daily Goals

    -A meter on the home page shows an amount of Swag Bucks that is the user’s goal for that day. If the goal is reached, bonus Swag Bucks will be awarded at the start of the next month. These bonuses accumulate, and meeting the goal for many days in a row will earn additional bonuses.
    There are two thresholds. Meet each goal and don’t miss a day. There is a big bonus payout for unbroken streaks. I don’t always make it to the second threshold, but I am always sure to make the first one. The SwagBucks earning day ends at 2am.

  • Watch: Swagbucks TV

    Members can discover and watch videos selected by the user, in a similar fashion to YouTube.
    I prefer to watch via SwagButton extension, which offers a pop-out viewer. As soon as you see that meter move, on to the next video! I keep this one going all day long. 
    And this is wear I discovered the pilot to “Red Band Society,” and loved it. My family caught up on all the episodes online, and it was promptly cancelled. UGH!

  • SwagBucks Mobile

    Available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.
    This SwagBucks TV is separate from the desktop version. You can earn 2SB until the daily allotment is met… I believe it is 18 times, give or take.

  • Search

    Swagbucks hosts a custom search engine (powered by Yahoo!) that will periodically reward registered users with random amounts of Swag Bucks. The selection of winners is completely random, and it is emphasized that searching more often will not necessarily increase the odds of winning.
    You can also set your search engine to default to SwagBucks search, that way you’ll never forget and earn when you least expect it!
    You can win up to 5 times each day. The SB community calls each win “singles, dubs, trips, quads or quints.”GSC10986492_415478081944343_3896168840768689163_n

  • Discover: Special Offers

    Members may earn Swag Bucks by completing various offers made by third-party companies via the SwagBucks website or mobile app.
    Watch for the lower denominations (1-3SB) because they are more likely to be free – without signing up for anything spammy.

  • Swag Codes

    Special text codes can be periodically found on the Swag Bucks social networks and can be entered into a special Swag Codes box in the menu bar to earn Swag Bucks. These can appear and expire anytime.
    Follow Swagbucks on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. I have set my phone to alert me when there is a new post, so I don’t miss!

  • Answer: Surveys

    Members may complete market-research surveys from third parties to receive Swag Bucks. Generally, surveys take longer to complete than other activities, and consequently the payouts are larger on average.
    You will likely get screened-out 9 out of 10 times, but if you can get past the first page – you will at least receive 1SB for trying. There are 5 places to look for surveys.

  • Answer: Tasks

    Crowdflower-type busywork that generally award 4SB each.

  • Games

    Members may play online casual games to earn Swag Bucks.
    My daughter plays SwagJump for me. You can earn a maximum of 10SB each day. Generally, as long as you make a reasonable effort, you will earn 2SB every other game. So she usually plays 10 short games. (There is an opportunity to enter tournaments for larger payouts, but I do not participate.)

  • Shopping

    Members may use the Shop and Earn feature to shop at a number of popular online e-commerce retailers (Walmart, Target, Apple, Kmart, etc.) and receive a set amount of Swag Bucks per dollar spent, in a “cash-back” format.
    If you use Groupon or Living Social, you can earn SB here too!  Just navigate to their site through SwagBucks! Basically, whenever you do online shopping, check SwagBucks first!

Are there any big SwagBucks payoffs?

  • BING rewards can pay off in SB too! Do the daily allotment of random searches… and accumulate enough points to trade in for 500SB (that will get you bunches closer to your reward goal). Sign up here and use Microsoft, NOT Facebook. We’ve been warned that the FB sign-in option is going away – so don’t even start.
  • SwagBucks secured card – I don’t condone using a credit card for any reason. But for those of you who do, you can earn SB for every dollar spent, plus bonuses.
  • Referral Program– A current user can invite another person to use Swagbucks. If the other person signs up as a new Swagbucks user using the current user’s referral link, the current user will earn a referral fee equal to a percentage of the Swag Bucks earned over time by the new user.
  • Hourly Random Winner– Users that are logged in to the site can check the SwagBucks blog every hour. If their username and avatar is displayed in the “Hourly Winner” section, the user can click “Claim Your Swagbucks” and may earn 1,000 Swag Bucks. The hourly random winner is now seen in the blog.
    I don’t have time to check every hour, so it will be a miracle if I ever win this. LOL!
  • And again, daily goals so you get the huge bonus at the beginning of the following month… and keep up the streaks so those bonuses are extra huge!

Any other tips? 

  • Sort those offers by “most popular,” because free ones are most popular.
  • Watch for n-Gage and JunGroup videos. (they’ll be close to the top – but not always available).
  • Encrave is on your checklist… and there will be multiple opportunities throughout the day.
Do you have a SwagBucks tip? Leave it in the comments below!