See how I did on my first #24DayChallenge in 2011, right after #Thanksgiving! #AdvoCare #WellnessWednesday

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Karin Slyker
– Age 38 (when I started my first challenge) 
– Married, mother of 3
– Work full-time, and now work part-time with AdvoCare
– Silver level distributor
– I was a size 18. Today I’m a size 6!

My before and after.


December 2011: My first 24-Day Challenge.
I started on December 1, and finished on Christmas Eve.

It was right after Thanksgiving, and we were making the very most of our leftovers. A few days later I stepped on the scale, and it said 199 pounds. One more helping of mashed potatoes,  I was likely going to cross over into a weight range I’d never even come close to before!

NO! I’m turning around right now! I immediately ordered a 24 Day Challenge.

  • I never set foot inside a gym.
    I focused purely on nutritional changes.
  • I took it one day at a time, and followed to the letter.
  • I set alarms on my iPhone to remind me what to do and when.
  • Change was now MORE IMPORTANT, than staying the same.
  • I lost 18 pounds in 24 days.

For me, this was the perfect storm. My family saw me at Thanksgiving, and then saw me again at Christmas.
Their reaction provided the perfect blend of compliments to motivate me – to keep going!

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