#AdvoCare Corporate Memo: Changes to Age Indications for Caffeine-containing Products (Over 100mg)

Memo from AdvoCare Corporate Office

Changes to Age Indications for Caffeine-containing Products (over 100 mg)

We wanted to communicate with you about an important change to the age recommendations for four AdvoCare products including AdvoCare Spark®. For the past 21 years, Spark™ has been recommended for ages 12 and up. Effective immediately, however, the age indications have changed from 12 and up to 18 and up.

Spark itself has not changed. The ingredients, amount of caffeine, safety and efficacy remain the same. What has changed is the environment in which we live as it relates to the public and regulatory perception of caffeine. This is especially the case with children and teenagers. Because so many AdvoCare Distributors are connected to or involved with youth sports, we must be vigilant in protecting our business model and the way we sell and distribute our products. While we can still make decisions about product use for our own children, AdvoCare does not market or sell products to minors.

Spark™ packaging (box and pouch labels) will remain exactly the same. The only change is to the age indications on the product page and age, pregnancy, and nursing indication table. Slam, Coffeccino® and all MNS™ are also now indicated for 18 and up.

Note that at the bottom of AdvoCare’s age, pregnancy, and nursing indication guideline is the statement, “We strongly recommend that decisions concerning products given to minors, include parental and healthcare provider involvement. Product appropriateness may depend upon the individual’s weight, maturity, sports involvement and other factors.”

As always, our goal is to be protective of AdvoCare, our products, and our Distributors as we move forward into the future. While we understand this change may require adjustment in the beginning, it will help AdvoCare continue to be respected as one of the most responsible direct selling companies in the dietary supplement market.

Your AdvoCare Team


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