You don’t have to be sore after a workout! Take #AdvoCare Product Spotlight: Post-Workout Recovery!

When I first began working out, I was anxious to see and feel results. So I gave 150% on that first day of fitness boot camp. When I was done, I could feel that I’d definitely done SOMETHING. Progress, right?
Fast forward a few hours, when I was so sore, I couldn’t get off the potty. I found myself seeking out the handicapped stalls, just so that I could pull myself up!

The next morning, I asked my trainer, “Ok, I am not complaining. I love that I can feel progress! But seriously, I have to be able to function. What can I do?”
She said, “FEED YOUR MUSCLES! Within an hour after your workout, drink a Post-Workout recovery. It will make all the difference!”

And it did! I was never that sore again. I swear by it! And, at times, it pretty much doubled as my breakfast.

Post-Workout Recovery

Click image to view this product in store.


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