Is AdvoCare healthy?

Who uses it?

Do you know how many pro-athletes count on AdvoCare products to support their careers?
Would they risk their health, reputation and multi-million dollar contracts on anything but the BEST?

Drew Brees – New Orleans QB
AdvoCare’s National Spokesperson
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And in a world full of banned or questionable substances, these athletes know the products are certified as safe to use in competition. (click for more info)

Drew Brees is such a believer, he approached AdvoCare about becoming their national spokesperson, and has even developed his own DB9 signature line of AdvoCare products. The first one released is BioCharge.

And while Brees is the spokesperson, he is joined by:

In fact, AdvoCare’s Sports Advisory Council includes many of the top strength and conditioning coaches from across the nation, who consult on a variety of topics related to product development, their use in training and athlete rehabilitation.

Who creates it?

Highly regarded and recognized in their areas of expertise, members of the Scientific & Medical Advisory Board use their knowledge and experience in the fields of medicine, nutrition and science to ensure that all AdvoCare products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients based on the latest scientific research. Physicians are on staff at such facilities as Creighton, MD Anderson, Yale, and others.


AdvoCare does not use fad ingredients. Products are formulated from sound scientific and medical principles. (click for more info)

The AdvoCare name is becoming increasingly visible. Therefore, company leaders stress the importance of honesty and integrity. We don’t bash other companies, to prop ours up. We let the results speak for themselves. And when taken properly, ordinary people can experience extraordinary results. But choosing what to take, and how to take it can be intimidating, that’s why AdvoCare introduced the 24 Day Challenge. It took all the guesswork out of proper nutrition, and put it together in a bundle.

Here is how I like to explain it:

We are each born with a clean slate, and instinctually – our body knows proper nutrition when it sees it.

  • Protein=energy
  • Complex Carbs=helps fill us up, burns off slowly
  • Fruits and Vegetables=fiber and nutrients

The problem is, we don’t always put the proper things in our bodies… and it gets a bit confused.

What do you drink at breakfast?
See how Spark compares to other beverages.
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Picture this

A person rolls out of bed and grabs a pastry and a diet soft drink. What do you think their body is thinking?

Is it a protein to give us energy? No.
Is it a complex carb to fill us up? No.
Is it fruit or vegetable? No.

Basically, it’s sugar with a side of sugar. All it did was get your stomach to stop growling for a bit. The person will get a brief jolt of energy, followed by a serious crash.

But if that is the kind of nutrition a body is used to getting, it doesn’t know when it will ever see proper nutrition again. So it will hoard what it can get – for later. The problem is, it will likely never be burned off for energy. It will likely never be used again. It has quite literally become – THE JUNK IN YOUR TRUNK.

Now, if you top off all those nutritional gaps, your body will start functioning the way it was intended. Designing the perfect meal is hard, so back to the 24 Day Challenge. AdvoCare has taken all the guesswork out of it, and teaches you how to eat properly with lean proteins, complex carbs, fruits and vegetables, and supplements to fill in the gaps.

After 24 days, if you’re anything like me, you’ll start to gain energy, lose weight, sleep better, and feel great!

The Catch

Make no mistake. This is not a quick fix. You didn’t get into this slump overnight. There’s no way to get out of it overnight. There is no magic pill. You have to DO THE WORK and BE CONSISTENT, and it WILL happen. And when it does, it will change your life.

The trick is, you have to want CHANGE – more than you want your comfort zone. You can’t zip into the drive-thru, or skip a meal.

You will have to face the demons that hold you back. It may be depression, it may be time management, it may be disorganization. Whatever it is, grab hold – and take charge! Your result is in direct proportion to what you put into it.

2011 vs. 2013

Do I have to work out?

When I started, I was NOT a workout person… AT ALL. I wasn’t lazy, but I didn’t see working out as being productive. I’d rather clean house or work in the yard. Ok whatever…

I did my first 24 Day Challenge December 1-24, 2011, which might have been my Perfect Storm. My family saw me at Thanksgiving and I was 38 years old, a size 18 and weighed 199 pounds. One more ice cream sundae and I would never again be able to say I’ve never hit 200 pounds. It scared me.

So I did the 24 Day Challenge, but I was skeptical so I put it to the ultimate test. I followed to the letter, even setting alarms on phone to remind me of every step. I wanted to see what 100% effort did for me, but I didn’t tell anyone what I was doing. And I never worked out… just lived life.

Family that had seen me at Thanksgiving – saw me again on Christmas Eve. I was 18 pounds lighter, and compliments poured in: “Wow! What did you do? You look great! Totally noticeable!”

Seriously. Who wouldn’t want more of that? So I kept going…
By Memorial Day weekend, I was down 30 pounds, the compliments continued and friends asked me to teach them how to get the same results. And still, I wanted MORE.

Six months into a healthier lifestyle, and my depression subsided. I was happier, energetic, sleeping better, feeling better, looking better… and I wanted to up the ante. I wanted to tone up and started working out.

I started exploring other AdvoCare products. I learned what to take before a workout to give me energy and endurance. I learned what to take after a workout to minimize soreness… and I officially became A PRODUCT OF THE PRODUCT.


Ready to give the 24 Day Challenge a try?

My bottom line

Age 38 – size 18 – 199 pounds
Age 40 – size 6 – 148 pounds

At my annual physical, my doctor was amazed.

When I took out a new life insurance policy, and my lab work placed me in the top tier, qualifying for the lowest premium.

So ask me again, is AdvoCare healthy?
Perhaps you should also ask yourself, “what did I have for breakfast?”

Paying it forward

As you can probably tell, I’m very passionate about this – because of all it’s done for me. If you’d like help getting started, please drop me a line. I can help you figure out the best place to start, and even talk you through every step – if that’s what you need.