Champions Transformation Challenge: $10,000 awarded to greatest AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge transformations!

Registration for the Champions Transformation Challenge has ended.
Please (click here) to submit your final results.

This contest is sponsored by AdvoCare diamond leaders. Any questions regarding your entry should be directed to YOUR diamond upline.
If you do not know who that is, contact the AdvoCare distributor who helped you with your purchase.


Click image above for a brief explanation of the 24 Day Challenge.

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It all started with a 24 Day Challenge.

This is me: August 2011 vs. March 2013
(click to enlarge)

Who is the 24 Day Challenge for?

We’ve repeatedly found that THE 24 DAY CHALLENGE
helps a host of health issues.

The 24 Day Challenge is a complete nutrition reboot.
Undo your past indulgences in the first 10 days,
then get back on track for the next 14 and beyond!
You are about to learn to EAT CLEAN.

Don’t worry…
I’ve included a suggested meal plan and schedule of supplements.

Sign up to save 20-40%

Worried about cost?
You can save an immediate 20% or more
by signing up for an AdvoCare membership.
PLUS, you will receive
a full box of Spark and Slam in your welcome kit!

You WILL eat:

  • Protein
  • Complex Carbohydrates
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables

You will AVOID:

  • Alcohol
    (at least for first 10 days, but for best results – avoid for 24 days)
  • Excess sugar
  • Excess fats
  • Excess sodium
In the Headlines

SCIENCE DAILY: High Protein Diet, Meal Replacements Can Reduce Rebound Weight Gain

AdvoCast – 1/22/2013 – “The 24 Day Challenge”

  • Why/how does it work?
  • Why 24 days? Why 2 phases?
  • What is the significance of each component?
  • Is it for everybody?
  • I take prescriptions, can I still do the 24 Day Challenge?
  • Which products can I add to the 24 Day Challenge for enhanced results?


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