#AdvoCare #Success #Story: Lindsy Prunier

At the beginning of 2013, I was at my heaviest I had ever been: 235lbs. I work full time and am the mother of a wildly energetic 2 year old. After having my son, I let myself go. I had a horrible diet and absolutely no energy. I had slowly started to lose a little bit of weight on my own. My husband and I were introduced to AdvoCare® the end of March 2013. On April 1st, I decided I needed to change. I started with the Herbal Cleanse and AdvoCare Spark™ and really saw a change happening within me.* I was feeling better and had more energy to actually do things with my family and more around the house.* My first 24-Day Challenge™ I lost 8lbs and 8 inches.

I have since continued on with a variety of products.  I am currently down 34.4 lbs. and 25 inches. I started my AdvoCare journey at 222.4 pounds and size 20 pants and I am now at 188 pounds and wear a size 13/14. I have not been this size since high school! I have never been one to openly talk about my weight. Now I share my story with people, because if it helps someone decide to change their lifestyle then it’s all worth it. I am still on my weight loss journey and a healthier me.

Prunier, Lindsy

Note: Personal testimonies reflect individual experiences and are not necessarily typical of the results you may obtain. Weight loss varies with individual effort, body composition, eating patterns and exercise. If you have a medical condition or are pregnant or nursing, AdvoCare recommends that you consult your healthcare professional before starting an AdvoCare product regimen


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