Homemade Protein Bars – Made with AdvoCare Muscle Gain

Just 4 ingredients for this no-bake snack!


Pumpkin protein balls

How about these?
Protein balls made with pumpkin-spice MRS.

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4 thoughts on “Homemade Protein Bars – Made with AdvoCare Muscle Gain

  1. I absolutely love the protein bar recipe. They’re are so much better than anything store bought and cost a lot less to make than buy. I have been asked by a friend how much protein is in each serving. Do you know?

    • Great question! I’ve often wondered so you’ve given me cause to figure up the estimate. I’ll do my best…

      I’m using ingredients I have on hand – Muscle Gain, Old Fashioned Oats, Light Blue Agave & Organic PB from the bulk/grind yourself section of the grocery store.

      I’ll figure up for the whole batch, and then depending on the size of the portion… we can determine how much in each serving.

      AdvoCare Muscle Gain (12 scoops) = 150g protein
      Old Fashioned Oats (3 cups) = 30g protein
      Organic Peanut Butter (2 cups) = 128 g protein
      Batch = 308 grams protein

      The body can only metabolize 25g per meal. Anything more is a waste. So, depending on your preference, the pan should be cut into at least 12 bars, if not more. 12 bars = approx 25g protein each

      Hope this helps!

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