Highlights from the #AdvoCare 360 Event in #Lubbock 9/28/13

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Panoramic view of the ballroom.

Magen Reaves

Magen Reaves, Lubbock’s first Diamond Distributor
Even though Magen is crossline from me, she has a special place in my heart
because she was my trainer through SIX 6-week early morning boot camps.


The man of the hour, Rick Loy.
AdvoCare Vice President, Sales & Field Development.

Rick Loy highlights

Highlights from Rick Loy’s presentation.

To have more, you must become more. – Charlie Ragus
Change is not going to just happen to you. You actually have to be an active participant. So what are you waiting for? Even lottery winners have to buy a ticket. Seriously!

Become more, attract more, influence more, earn more.
One begets the next, right? You make changes, people notice, they want to know how they can do it too, and that leads to earning more!

The power of attraction: people would much rather be around positive people.
People naturally gravitate to the person who makes them feel good, happy and hopeful.
Why would anyone want to be around the person that makes them feel angry, annoyed, sad or depressed?
What kind of vibe do you put out? Are you sure about that?

It’s never too late too make a change. Every day above ground is a new day.
It’s never too late, at any age. This room included people from all walks of life, ages 18-80.

Making a change in your life is about making a decision and will power, not emotion.
What is it that I always say? When change becomes more important than your comfort zone, that’s when it will work for you! Just decide!

Intentionally develop a positive attitude about your life.
This goes back to that vibe conversation. Decide that you are going to become a person that ATTRACTS others.

A person with a negative attitude was created by a series of emotional events.
Understand this about yourself and the people around you. You weren’t BORN with a negative attitude. Negativity stems from the constant beat-down of negative events. The tragedy is, that somewhere along the way, you started to believe them!
This goes right along with a story I read recently, one that reminds you to be tolerant of others. If you haven’t read it yet, trust me, you should! It will change everything about how you judge others: “Let’s be gentle with one another. Let’s read each other’s signs.”

Anyway, DECIDE to use those negative events to empower you, not weigh you down!

Your attitude shows up long before you do, and stays long after you’re gone. This affects ability to attract, influence, earn…
So, what if you were invited somewhere and told “Negative Nancy” or “Bummer Bob” was coming… Would that make or break your decision to attend?
What about “Positive Polly” or “Happy Hillary?”
Remember, your reputation precedes you. So if there’s a chance that yours is negative, start turning it around. Be someone people WANT to be around.

When was the last time you dared to dream big for yourself? Be honest…
When you were young, did you think you’d be when you became 20-30-40-something?
Did you think you’d be struggling to get by financially? Physically? Emotionally?

What happened to you? Why did you stop dreaming?
It’s time to reignite your creativity and imagination. Dare to dream again! Dream about becoming debt-free! Getting in shape! Having a family! As long as you’re above ground, it’s NOT too late! So let’s RE-ENGAGE!

Why do you waste your emotional energy worrying? Seriously!
40% of things we worry about NEVER happen.
30% already happened.
12% aren’t even true.
10% are petty nonsense.
That leaves 8% of worrying that is legit!

OMG. This spoke to me. It’s totally true. Sometimes it’s easier for your mind to understand than your heart, so keep reminding yourself!
And here’s another point that’s food for thought…

You got where you are today because of your own BEST thinking…
Ok, so we probably didn’t make all the correct decisions, right? But, we did what we thought was best – at the time. Think on that for a moment…
What would you do differently if you knew then what you know now? And are you actually doing it? Hmmm…

Smile! It can change the way you feel. It will definitely change how others feel!
Again… be an inviting personality. Smile at others, no matter what mood they look like they’re in.
Every human being appreciates being treated with dignity, no matter who they are.
Perhaps you’ll make their day, perhaps they’re beyond repair. Either way, you win.

Standing Ovation

Rick gave such a personal and thought provoking presentation, that we gave him a standing ovation.
I could listen to him again and again…

Time for door prizes.

The first of several drawings for door prizes.

Dr. Michael Hartman

Product training with Dr. Michael Hartman

The following are slides from the product training.
Blurry, I know. Now you can feel as though you were actually sitting next to me. Here, I’ll interpret for you…


Obesity trends over the last 20 years… You don’t have to be able to read the text to understand the color patterns.
That’s appalling! After all, this is NOT over several generations… Seriously, I started college in 1991!
It floors me to see how much it has changed since then!


I’m sure you’ve seen this one before… it’s no wonder we are suddenly a super sized society!


Think about all the health problems the people around us are facing.
How much of that is because of the choices we’ve made?
Cholesterol? Type 2 diabetes? Heart disease? The list goes on and on…
And it’s bogging down our healthcare costs. Is it any wonder that insurance companies want to know more about our habits?


Why do we do this to ourselves? Is the convenience of the drive thru worth it?
Sure, sometimes… but moderation is key!


There is no magic pill to undo the damage we’ve done to ourselves. Not even AdvoCare!
Supplements are meant to enhance positive changes, and sometimes expedite those changes.
It takes a variety of ingredients to attack a problem from all sides and that includes proteins. AdvoCare did the research and the work, now it’s up to you to consume them.


Are you skeptical about supplements? Why should I take them, when I can just change my diet? Well, let’s use this example:
Are you a coffee drinker? Why do you take the time to brew a pot of coffee? Why don’t you save yourself the trouble and just chew up the beans?
Some of the ingredients are not easily accessible! After all, when was the last time you passed through the Amazon rain forest?
Trust me, AdvoCare supplements are more convenient…


Alright, alright… So how do I get started?
Start slow. Let’s focus on health and wellness first.
Depending on needs and goals, we can add other products later.


These are the core products. Start here…
Or even better… start with a 24 Day Challenge!
It puts together all the best products at strategic times for maximum results.


AdvoCare has various programs to suit your needs:
Energy, Weight Management or Sports Performance.


The Can You 24 DVD is a great companion to the 24 Day Challenge.
Get moving, right there in your living room. No equipment needed.
3 trainers doing the same maneuver at various levels of intensity and different lengths of time.
You can follow along on the time bar and see how much longer you have to go.
Achieve a complete workout in just 24 minutes!


Create your own routine, at your own pace. But do remember, it’s all reversible if you revert back to old habits.


Are AdvoCare products safe? Are they legal?
Many supplements available today are perfectly legal to be sold in health food stores, just NOT legal for competitive sports.
AdvoCare is one of many companies using Informed Choice to test their supplements.
Getting the Informed Choice seal of approval means everyone from pro-athletes to high school to Olympians can take comfort in knowing there is nothing in our supplements that could come back to haunt them in competition.


VO2 Prime – Why do we love it so much!?!?! It’s all about NITRATES.
Several studies have now shown that dietary nitrate supplementation causes an improvement in exercise efficiency and an improved tolerance for high-intensity exercise. In essence,
your muscles are getting better gas mileage from oxygen.
And the effects of dietary nitrate are not limited to athletic performance…


It’s called Vasilodation.
Nitric oxide can widen (dilate) blood vessels, reducing blood pressure and increasing blood flow.
Beetroots have nitrates in abundance, but beetroot juice itself is NASTY!
That’s why AdvoCare has worked so hard to achieve the benefits in something tastier.Leafy green vegetables tend to be the top sources of nitrate:Very high nitrate levels (> 250 mg/100 g):
arugula (rocket or rucola), bok choy, celery, chervil, collard greens, cress,
lettuce, radish, red beetroot, rhubarb, spinach, Swiss chard.High nitrate levels (~100-250 mg/100 g):
basil, celeriac, Chinese cabbage, chard, coriander, endive, fennel, kohlrabi, leek, mustard greens, parsley. 


When you do strenuous activity at home or in the gym, you are placing an enormous amount of stress on the body. And if your body is not able to fully tolerate this stress level, muscle recovery can become an issue, especially as you get older.The same can be said for athletes. 


Since new muscle mass can only be built when protein synthesis takes place,
the faster this process progresses, the quicker you will see results.So whether you are trying to preserve what you have, or improve what you’ve got –
you must provide your body the right nutrients.BioCharge® is a premier pre-workout and intra-workout supplement designed to improve muscle performance and recovery through a formula of antioxidant rich botanicals combined with B vitamins and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). And BCAA’s are also why we love CATALYST so much!



So many people ask me, “What kind of protein is it? Is it whey?” I always see people buying these big canisters of whey at Walmart or Sam’s, and the truth is – you need more than just one kind of protein.
Whey gives you a quick burst of energy, but drops off quickly.
What we need is something that gives us the energy we need, and hangs around for several hours afterward. That’s why AdvoCare uses a scientific blend of proteins, optimized to give the best performance and taste great too!


Once you get your nutrition in check, you can take it steps further… with continued use of products from the 24 Day Challenge, or products for healthy aging and reproductive health (post-menopause).


Many doctors recommend nutritional supplements, for optimal health.
For more information on how the government views the supplement industry, visit the Council for Responsible Nutrition. http://www.crnusa.org/


Or talk with one of the doctors on AdvoCare’s Sci-Med board.