Should you take the #AdvoCare #24DayChallenge?

The 24 Day Challenge is a complete nutrition reboot.
Undo your past indulgences in the first 10 days, then get back on the right track for the next 14… and beyond!

Who is the 24 Day Challenge for?
We’ve repeatedly found that THE 24 DAY CHALLENGE helps a host of health issues.

 Wes Bewley offers a simple and brief explanation of  the 24 Day Challenge.
(AdvoCare diamond distributor, one of our team leaders, and a graduate of Texas Tech.)


Click to view in store

Don’t worry… the challenge includes a suggested meal plan and schedule of supplements.

You WILL eat plenty of food on this system, largely based on protein, fruits, veggies & complex carbs.
However, you will back off alcohol, excess sugar, fats and sodium. You’re about to learn how to eat CLEAN!

Think it sounds expensive? Really, it’s not. Think about it…



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