Present from #AdvoCare home office arrived in my mailbox… #24DayChallenge

It arrived when I needed it the most: my AdvoCare pin for 50 pounds lost!
(It’ll go nicely with my silver leadership pin.)

What an accomplishment… I still can’t believe it!


I remember that day like it was yesterday, stepping on the scale and seeing 199 on the display. YIKES! One more bad choice and I’ll cross THAT line! Thank goodness it scared me enough to make an immediate change!

That’s what I tell all my challengers. Making a change MUST be more important to you than staying the same, more important than your comfort zone. It’s a deep desire that MUST be realized. That’s when you’ll find success.

I say that because the 24 Day Challenge REALLY isn’t that hard. The problem is discipline. It’s will power! Once you get that in check, you’ve got it made!

I’ve given birth three times! I gave up certain foods and drinks for NINE months THREE times! What’s 24 Days in the grand scheme? The only difference, people are ooh’ing and aah’ing over your new figure, instead of a new bundle of joy.

And I’ll tell you this about the positive feedback… it’s SUPER addictive to my ears!

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Click here to learn more about the 24 Day Challenge.


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