Welcome #AdvoCare Endorser Christo #Bilukidi @montechristo96 #Oakland Defensive Lineman

SparkFit180 welcomes Oakland Defensive Lineman Christo Bilukidi to the AdvoCare family! #TeamAdvoCare.

Scroll down to see why his stock went up a few points in my book…

Christo Bilukidi

Christo Bilikidi response to my tweet!

So excited to get a personal response to my tweet! #NerdAlertThank you and God bless!

Christo just sent us a picture of the products he was about to use at that moment, in addition to the ones listed above. So for more on his choices, click on each of the links below…


AdvoCare Spark


AdvoCare Pro 20™


AdvoCare Mass Impact


AdvoCare Muscle Gain


AdvoCare Omegaplex


AdvoCare C-Grams

Nighttime Recovery

AdvoCare Nighttime Recovery


AdvoCare Coreplex

Fiber Drink

AdvoCare Fiber Drink

Muscle Strength

AdvoCare Muscle Strength


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