Why Should I Top-Off My Nutrition?

What you eat may get your tummy to stop growling, but it does nothing to boost your metabolism, give you energy, etc. (Rethink that bag of Cheetos!)

“How Nutritional Deficiencies Cause Diabesity” – a short minute-video by Dr. Mark Hyman explains this.

If you top off all the nutrients your body needs to run properly, your body starts behaving… not just physically, but mentally too. You’ll start sleeping better, feeling better, looking better…

The 24 Day Challenge was designed exactly for that purpose. Ten days of cleaning out all the bad habits, and fourteen days of starting a new one GOOD one with supplements to top off those nutritional gaps.

I have coached dozens of challengers over the past year. Those who COMMIT and DO NOT CHEAT average a 15 pound weight loss in 24 Days!

So contact me on how to get started, and I’ll help you through every step!



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