Giving in to temptation? #Fibotrim can help limit #fat absorption during such meals. #AdvoCare #WellnessWednesday

141126 Fibotrim

Fibo-Trim is among the products I keep on hand in a pillbox in my purse, year-round…. but especially during the holidays.
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Use one, or use them all. Your choice.  It’s not a license to cheat, but there are those days where you have no control over where the office takes you to lunch, etc.

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Carb-Ease™ Plus – helps prohibit absorption of carbs (take 3 before you eat carbs, like bread or pasta, etc.)
LeptiLean™ – helps with appetite control and satiety (keeps you from going overboard)
ThermoPlus™ – burns fat and increases metabolism (give your metabolism a little kick start)
Fibo-Trim™ – helps prohibit the absorption of fats/oils (take 3 before you eat something fatty/greasy) 

Carb-Ease and Fibotrim can be taken together.
These products will bind together the excess and “send it out with the trash.” Don’t worry, it’s not explosive.

To see how this works, try this test at home:
Drop some oil in water, then open a Fibotrim capsule and pour it in… watch it bind the fat together! Pretty cool!

Need more explanation?

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