Carb-Ease™ Plus

It’s not a license to cheat, but rather a way to enjoy your cake and eat it too!

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131225 CarbEase Plus

Never leave home without this – or Fibotrim! You just never know when you might need it!
Click image to learn more!

If you are wondering, “What is Carb-Ease Plus, and why should I be excited about it?” Watch this video.

Remember how I’ve said that I keep Carb-Ease Plus and Fibotrim in a pillbox in my purse for “emergencies?”
This video explains the benefits of both.

I encourage you to watch the entire video,
because she gives some valuable advice about nutrition and how protein and carbs work in your body,
AND how to use these products in conjunction with the MNS box.

But if you are in a hurry…
Fibotrim begins at 2:55
Carb-Ease Plus begins at 5:33


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